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“Lemonade Social Media helped me build a social media program for ETS-Lindgren from the ground up. They took the time to understand my organization and our goals. I was impressed at the speed that they were able to engage and take over our online public facing persona. We saw significant growth in our social presence, up 500%+ on some platforms in less than 4 months.

The thing that really makes the LSM team a valuable asset for us is their understanding of social media and their ability to build awareness and engagement. They bring fresh ideas to the table and, in turn, are able to create custom content expressly for us.”

Martha Hallman

Director, Global Marketing, ETS-Lindgren Inc

“Lemonade Social Media helped us engage with our social media audience during a very busy time of year, ensuring that we didn’t get lost in all the holiday noise.”

Bryan Thomas

Co-Founder & Chief Big Kid, PopUp Play

“I had no idea I was going to receive such a comprehensive report! Lemonade reviewed all of my social media channels, gave me all of the stats (which normally give me a headache), and made detailed suggestions about how to increase engagement for each platform. I have a lot to do, but it all makes sense, and they gave me specific steps for improvement. Apart from that, they gave me lots of creative suggestions that are FUN!

Thank you both, thank you, thank you! This was the best $ I’ve ever spent!’‘

Liza Wilson

Owner, Toybrary Austin

“Working with Lemonade Social Media has been a real pleasure. Not only were they easy to work with, they did a great job in jump-starting our company social media presence. We are very happy with the results and would definitely recommend Lemonade Social Media as a great social media resource.”

Lori Owens

Project Manager, JHA Marketing

CEO and founder of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes, wrote an article on the importance of the CEO being on social media. He ‘The greatest motivator for CEOs to get on social media may be simple necessity … ’  In 2015, I met the Lemonade team at SXSW. After talking with them about BLKBX and my personal philosophies, they recognized how necessary it was for me to grow my social footprint. Immediately, they impressed me with their company’s ability to hone in on my specific CEO messaging by balancing my personal life with my professional focus. Since I have engaged Lemonade, they have worked closely with me every day to help broaden not only my message, but BLKBX’s as well, and it’s working!

Frank Donner

CEO, BLKBX Creative Group

“Our time with Rachel was so amazing! We were sincerely grateful for all she did. She stepped in and covered for us in places we really needed her. She is a Rock Star!”

Lowell Greene

Owner, Go Greene Automotive, Inc

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