Where to Find Original Social Media Content


Are you a B2B or B2C marketing directing wondering: What do I post on my company’s social media platforms? Besides the obvious business news, there are plenty of “everyday” events that can work to humanize your company on social media.
Here is a list of “dos and don’ts” when you’re brainstorming for original social media content:

Examples of good, original content:

 *   Pets at the office

 *   Luncheons

 *   Any company event, happy hour, or fundraiser

 *   Any charity or business events with your logos and people

 *   Anything unique to office or staff:

    *   Toys on desks

    *   Sports teams

    *   Dress up

 *   Birthdays

 *   Holiday celebrations

 *   Casual days

 *   Charity work

 *   Employees attending local events

 *   Baby shower celebrations at the office (focus on the event, not the kids)

 *   Any milestone celebrations (seniority awards)

 *   Certification or schooling classes or graduations

 *   Internship programs

 *   Any employee hobbies outside of work (rock climbing, biking, painting, fostering pets)

 *   Anything positive with customers. Customers love to see themselves (or have their          company tagged) on social media.

 *   Do a promo: Take a picture of customers enjoying your service (with their permission).

 *   Any a customer call-to-action (CTA) to do something on social media for fun.

Examples of off-limits content:

 *   Children

 *   Anyone who has not given permission to use their image/words on social media

 *   Politics

 *   Nudity or skimpy clothes

 *   Religion

And remember, it’s called “social” media, so be sure to keep it fun and entertaining!

Photo: Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash.

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